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In order to consolidate the various terms used to describe Nexon's virtual currency, Nexon Cash is becoming simply "NX." We're also consolidating the names of different types of NX. From this point forward, all NX purchased through Nexon Game Cards or PayByCash will be referred to as "NX Prepaid." If it is purchased through PayPal, NX will be referred to as "NX Credit." Please keep in mind that this is just a naming change; your existing NX balances will by no means be affected.

The terms in the Mabinogi Cash shops have been changed as follows:

NX PayPal -> NX Credit
NX Other -> NX Prepaid

Differences in NX Cash Types

Please note that NX Prepaid and NX Credit each has different uses.

NX Prepaid has no limitations on what in-game items can be purchased. The only exception to this would be Cash Shop Items that must first be unlocked (e.g., high-ranking NX Items in Combat Arms or Gachapon).

NX Credit does not allow for certain item purchases in each of our games. Unfortunately, non-prepaid NX has been used in scamming and fraudulent activity. To combat this, we prevent NX Credit from being used when gifting. Below you will find specific restrictions with regards to each of our games.

The following Gachapon cannot be purchased with NX Credit until Level 30.
- Soldier Gachapon
- Fashion Gachapon
- Explorer Gachapon
- Production Gachapon
- Fixed Dye Gachapon
- Season Gachapon (or Magician Gachapon)

NX Prepaid and NX Credit cannot be used together to purchase an item. For more information on NX, please visit our NX Guide. These changes will be implemented for each game in the upcoming weeks. Please keep an eye out on our game websites for more information.

Thanks and see you online!